Friday, July 14, 2017

New Name, New Mission

Reclaiming Southern Food is now Southern Food and Wine.  Please adjust your bookmarks and favorites accordingly!

Why the name change?  Well, I want to make my blog more accessible.  My mission, from day one, was to not only preserve Southern Food traditions, but to encourage and educate people to eat real food and cook it using real, traditional techniques.  I think I have been fairly successful in presenting those arguments.  However, feedback over the past couple of years has been mixed.  Some folks seemed to find my blog too academic, too complicated or intimidating.  I got a lot of comments along the lines of, "I just want a simple recipe."  Of course, I have included simple recipes all along, but I think many potential readers stopped at the name.  Hopefully, Southern Food and Wine will be less intimidating.

The new mission is to make the blog as accessible as possible.  This not just a name change.  In the coming weeks, I will be offering free video cooking lessons.  This will begin with the most basic techniques.  These techniques will be applied in good Southern recipes, that I will walk people through, step by step, in videos.  As the seasons progress, there will also be instruction in gardening, livestock, fish and game, wine and cider making, pickling and food preservation, etc.

I hope to be able to do weekly videos.  However, I will be relocating to another state soon.... if there is a break, it is because I'm moving and setting up a kitchen.  Reader feedback will be most welcome, and encouragement appreciated.  A good way to encourage me, is to show me that you support my efforts - all that takes is clicking an ad... even if the ad doesn't interest you. Google vets the advertisers to make sure the sites are safe, so there is no risk.   When you click an ad, I make 1 cent.  Last month, I made 3 cents..... not very encouraging.  So, if you like what I do, give me a penny for my thoughts - that penny doesn't cost you anything more than a click!

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